We have  two youngsters available, choc bitch and a yellow bitch; both great temperament  ;; more info,pics, just send email
Choc girl available

yellow bitch(left)available

our young male Beckham
silronrays in the charts with his mum  sandylands sunflower ..s type, head, expression ...ame



 Bonnie having her litter of 5 pups ..
Silronrays Brunhilde with Silronrays Has To Be You   " Gabby", by CH.Countryloves Choose Me
Both by Sandylands Sundance
 Our puppies leave at  age of 8 to 9 weeks, vaccinated,chipped, wormed etc. Puppypackage,  feedinglist, activitylist  given .. We ask for a deposit to be balanced with the puppyprice ..

Silronrays He Is The One, called Reeves ..calm, laid back and gentle .... just like his sire Sandylands Goldfinger!Reeves will be shown in UK, Mexico,USA by our team of handlers;

Reeves ...

Reeves in the field .. easy going  puppy .. ..always close ....

our two reds: Silronrays hold the line, called Hogan& Silronrays have the hots 4 U, called Hayley!

Hogan lives  with mrs Kate Champney USA, see Davrikas Labradors ..

Silronrays He's The One ( Reeves). The one we kept out a litter by sandylands  goldfinger x  jineta  rio nevado

Silronrays Higgins now living at Olivelands Labradors in Slovenie ...

 Pups by Brenda x Sandylands Goldfinger .. the typical Silronrays puppies ..

 For more info about  the upcoming litters here at Silronrays ... or litters produced by the boys . you can call or contact us thru email/contactform!