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A good  chart to understand the genetics reg. colors in labradors=


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 On Facebook .. giving  great info when breeding  dogs .. .. a website created to inform all breeders/labradorlovers about the TRUTH & Controversy  regarding silver labradors! there are only 3 standard colors= yellow, black, chocolate and here at silronrays we stick to that and say NO TO SILVER
Sandylands Goldfinger ...j.ust deserved an extra pic on my  page .. so loved  so thankful to Erica & David for letting me take him home  ..

 litter by our boy Jazz,   the  3 colors that are in the STANDARD= choc, yellow & black.












Cindy .....typical silronrays puppy .. she  turned out to become CH.Silronrays Clever As Ever

by Sandylands Goldfinger x our Krizz

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We are members of the Mexican kennel club, the French retriever club, the Scottish and Midland counties Labrador Club.
A big " Thank You" to the  the late Mrs Jean Waring, Mrs Gwen Broadley & Mrs Maureen Paul, pictured below, who taught me so much about breeding & keeping labradors .. letting me have thir dogs, making use of their dogs .. giving advice and answers when needed .. Having them as a friend  meant, and still means so much to me ...
Mrs Erica Jayes .. now owner of Sandylands .. grateful to be able to call her my friend,  value her advice, knowledge .. Thank you for letting us continue with Sandylands.